Snuff Lid Shape Car Freshie

Snuff Lid Shape Car Freshie

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Aroma beads made with fragrance oil and custom made to your wants. You get to choose the color and scent combo. These last up to 6-8 weeks once opened.


A Thousand Wishes (BBW Type. A wonderful dupe of the original)

Banana Cabana: Sunkissed banana, ripe coconut, pinna colada Sea spray, velvet rose, milky sands Warm vanilla, sweet breeze accord, tropical musk.

Bird of Paradise A sweet mixture of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Wild Cherry 

Birthday Cake

Black Cherry

Black Ice Type: One of the most popular and well known tree air fresheners ever made. Clean,  and citrusy fresh top notes with middle notes of Lavender. Lily of the Valley & Jasmine finished off with added touch of  mossy, woody, musky and ambergis. 

Bombshell (VS type)

 Bourbonwood: Coconut, Cardamom, Blushed Wine, Green Cognac Cassis, Whipped Vanilla, Ginger, Whiskey Shot Molasses, Sheer Musk, Patchouli, Mulled Spice

Bump "N" Grind (Fruity and sexy)

Clean Cotton (nice clean scent)

Duck Farts: Delicious cranberries, bold wild berries, rich bergamot, Loganberry, clove buds, frosted lilies, Green vines, hint of vanilla.

Fruity Pebbles: Fruity rice cereal bits coated in sugar make up this wonderfully additictive fragrance. Fun Fact - Fruity Pebbles was originally going to be called Flint Chips or Rubble Stones  

Georgia Peach: Freshly sliced ripe and juicy Georgia peach. 

Hawaiian Tropic Type: A great summer smell of a coconut bases sunscreen with a light fruity undertone.

Jamaican Me Crazy: A blend of tropical fruits with a twist of citrus and a hint of coconut. 
From New Cars to New Shoes we all love the smell of fresh leather! This is by far the best leather fragrance I have come across.

Mahogany Teakwood: Green, citrus and fruit top notes with floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily middle notes enhanced by sweet woody musky bottom notes.

Mango Peach Salsa: Luscious tones of fruit are blended with warm spicy tones in this tempting creation. Bright citrus notes of tangerine balance with fresh cherry for the tangy top note. A heart of ripe peach mingles with strawberry, as hints of spice add delightful texture to the blend. Floral undertones are enveloped in a clean musk base to complete the fruit sensation.

Sun Drenched Cowboy (Imagine a sexy, manly cowboy smell mixed with an ocean breeze.)

Very Sexy for Men: Just like the Victoria's Secret type cologne.

Watermelon Lemonade (Our CUSTOM blend of Watermelon, Lemon and a little something extra. Smells a little like a Jolly Rancher)